A winner is

Why not give 100% in all that you do instead of 50%, 75%, or 99%? A true winner give a 100% regardless of the outcome win or lose in whatever they face in life. Pictured above are my winners and my heroes cause my kids give me 100% of their love to me and that is all I could ever ask for.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Weakest Link

The old saying is “you are only good as your weakest link” there is some truth to that statement for more than just a team, company, or organization it also applies to your life. With 2010 coming in a matter of a few hours why not make the resolution to make the weak links stronger or get rid of them all together. The weak links are those things that hold you back from being the great person that you could be, get in the way when you are trying to accomplish a task, or achieve a certain goal. Whatever it may be why not fix them it can only help make your life better and easier for yourself.
I coach a lot of youth sports and can tell that you get a lot of different links some stronger than others, some more aggressive, and some are just pure natural athletes with skills. The one thing that I try to is to help the weaker player get better by using the better players to do so. This not only helps the weaker player gain confidence but, allows the stronger player to use his God given ability for the good of the team. Some of us are just naturals and almost everything we do is easy. For others things take time, practice, and hard work. Would it be so bad in 2010 to have to work a little harder to fine tune your chain? I mean think about it if your weakest link is smoking bad example but, if you were to quit it would add years to life and thus create a stronger chain. Maybe the weakest link is not reading enough but, if you just maybe read one book a month that would be twelve in a year and think about the knowledge you would gain that would help make your chain stronger. The weak link for some could be that you’re on the Facebook or Twitter too much wasting time that could otherwise be sent refining and strengthening your chain. Let’s say you spend 30 minutes a day on either one that would be 10,950 minutes a year or 182.5 hours now that is a lot of time. I’m not saying that Facebook or Twitter are bad but, for some that maybe the weak link that gets in the way of having a better life.
How do fix the weak link well it has to identified that careful thought on the ways to make it stronger or get rid of it all together depending on what it is. Maybe you say I got more weak links and there isn’t enough time to fix them. That’s where you would be wrong maybe your life is riddled with bad decisions, broken promises, and failures how can those be fixed well it will take time and help from others. We can’t fix the weak links alone but, rather should look to those around us that are strong and talk with them and ask them to hold you accountable for fixing the chain. Your still saying I have nobody to turn to that will help me. Wrong again we all have someone to turn to and he is just a prayer away. That person my friends is Jesus Christ he can help you fix the chain and make it stronger. He will be that strong link that will help hold all the weak links together and help to make them stronger. With Jesus you can accomplish anything sometimes it won’t be easy but, he never said it would be. A devoted life to Jesus is something that will give you hope when there feels like no hope exists. He will be the ever constant the rock that will never waiver during the storms of life. If Jesus is part of your chain it will be strong enough to withstand the trials of life no matter what life throws your way. Please remember that doesn’t mean a life of cookies and milk. Life will still be hard and take work but, with him you will have the strong link to help you get through it.
I would say that with Christ my life is great never easy but, great and fulfilled with blessings that overflow. My question in closing for you is will you make the chain stronger in 2010 or let it get weaker? May God bless you in the New Year! 1st John 4:4